Bethel Island 50s BashAn island in Contra Costa County? It’s true — there is one. A real island community surrounded by over a thousand miles of pristine waterways. Located about an hour from San Francisco or San Jose, Bethel Island is in the heart of the Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta.

Bethel Island is a place for all seasons and all people. To some it is home and to others a vacation paradise Accessible by bridge, Bethel Island has something for everyone. Whether vacationing here or joining our community, Bethel Island emits a feeling all her own.

Numerous species of fish abound in the waters around Bethel Island including black bass, striped bass, catfish, crappie, perch, bullhead, as well as the prehistoric sturgeon. A steelhead or two have even been spotted in our waters.

Water skiing, jet skiing, golf, camping, wind surfing, sailing, motor boating, fishing, bird watching, swimming, sun bathing, hunting, shopping and dining are just a few of the many enjoyable pastimes that Bethel Island offers. Bethel Island is a place to fall in love with. Moreover, in the surrounding 1,200 miles of waterways, there are secluded beaches, hot fishing spots, peaceful sloughs for water skiing and lovely resorts for boaters to explore.

Bethel Island ChamberIsland hospitality is warm and friendly. Bethel Island has a feel all her own. Her shores are lined with waterfront homes and marinas, each providing a unique perspective of Bethel Island.

You could travel halfway around the world and still not find a vacation spot that provides as much enjoyment as the California Delta. It’s vast and it’s unspoiled — the wildlife and fishing are exceptional year-round. There is also an eighteen hole championship golf course right on the island. For the indoor types, Bethel Island is dotted with delightful restaurants and lounges.

Any time is a good time to experience Bethel Island. Come on over and let us show you around.