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Photo of ACR Computer Repair
ACR Computer Repair Contact: Bill Bartholomew
Work Phone: 925-475-5555
Photo of Affiliated Brokers
Affiliated Brokers Contact: Hal Hutchens
Work Phone: (925) 706-7000
Photo of Barbara Bartlett E.A.
Barbara Bartlett E.A. Contact: Barbara Bartlett
Work Phone: (925) 684-9498
Photo of Bethel Harbor
Bethel Harbor Contact: Jamie Bolt
Work Phone: 925-684-2141 Work Fax: 925-684-0450
Photo of Bethel Island Food Bank
Bethel Island Food Bank Contact: Carol Renaud and Cha Cha Doolittle
Work Phone: 925-684-9770 (Carol) Work Phone: 925-684-2291 (Cha Cha)
Photo of Bethel Island Lions Club
Bethel Island Lions Club Contact: Dave Lawler
Work Phone: 415-599-6998
Photo of Bethel Island Scout Hall
Bethel Island Scout Hall
Photo of Bethel Island Women’s Club
Bethel Island Women’s Club Contact: Dee Hicks
Work Phone: (925) 684-0180
Photo of Bethel Market / Gateway Market
Bethel Market / Gateway Market
Work Phone: 925-684-2040
Photo of Boatel Storage Units
Boatel Storage Units
Work Phone: (925) 684-2277
Photo of Bob Kenny Fundraising & Golf Events
Bob Kenny Fundraising & Golf Events Contact: Bob Kenny
Work Phone: 925-684-9283 Cell Phone: 925-629-7192
Photo of Boyd Real Estate & Notary
Boyd Real Estate & Notary Contact: Ralph & Ardith Wallace
Work Phone: (925) 684-2000 Work Fax: (925) 684-9449
Photo of California Delta Chambers
California Delta Chambers Contact: Bill Wells Executive Director
Work Phone: (916) 777-4041 Work Fax: (916) 777-4042
Photo of Comfy Critters Pet Sitters
Comfy Critters Pet Sitters Contact: Carole Boyd
Work Phone: (925) 684-3852
Photo of Cypress Lakes Realty Dori Anderson
Cypress Lakes Realty Dori Anderson Contact: Dori Anderson
Work Phone: (925) 706-7000 Cell Phone: (925) 684-9908
Photo of Dan Marsh Realty Agent
Dan Marsh Realty Agent Contact: Dan Marsh
Work Phone: 925-684-2733 Cell Phone: 925-628-4225
Photo of Delta Coves
Delta Coves Contact: Michael Temby
Work Phone: 925-550-0796
Photo of Delta Dirty Girl – In The Garden
Delta Dirty Girl – In The Garden Contact: Cha Cha
Work Phone: 925-684-2291 Cell Phone: 925-565-7630
Photo of Delta Pacific Builders
Delta Pacific Builders Contact: Dan Phippen
Work Phone: 925-382-6520
Photo of Delta Webs – Custom Websites
Delta Webs – Custom Websites Contact: Suzanne Black
Work Phone: (209) 334-5322 Cell Phone: (209) 210-8772